KG Logistics Roll on Roll service is the cheapest and most convenient method for your motor vehicle to be exported to Australia.

We can also offer a car collection service anywhere in the UK. You also have the option to deliver your vehicle to the export port to save you money.

Here are some key facts in regards to the rules about exporting your precious vehicle to Australia.

  • In Australia cars can be worth up to 2 or 3 times their UK value.
  • A car newer than 1988 must be owned and used in the UK for over 12 months first and the importer must have Australian residency.
  • An import approval is required from the Australian Government which can take up to 4–6 weeks to obtain.
  • We have also been shipping cars by container from our warehouses to Australia for almost 20 years.
  • Ships sail weekly taking 5-6 weeks, it can take 2–4 weeks in Australia to import and register a car.
  • We also offer marine insurance at up to 2% of the car value.
  • Australian import taxes are 5% duty on the vehicle customs value + 10% GST on the same value + the duty + the shipping costs.
  • Australian paperwork and procedures can be very particular, exacting, and costly, but it can all be worthwhile.

KG Logistics are the specialists who provide an efficient and professional service that is second to none. Regular sailings every week to a selection of major ports in Australia, New Zealand.

In these days of slipshod workmanship and shoddy service, it really is a delight to deal with an outfit like KG Logistics.

KG Logistics offer weekly container shipping and Roll on Roll off services to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Fremantle ports in Australia.

The services is operate from Southampton port & Felixstowe ports in UK.

For more details please contact us if you need us to arrange.


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