Save Costs when Shipping to China

One of the main concerns for many businesses is the cost of shipping goods internationally.  Due to the fast growing economy, more and more people and businesses are shipping to China than ever before. And whether you’re an SME or a global company you’ll always want the best deal for your shipment.

The good news is there are ways to save money when shipping internationally and ensuring your goods get to the intended destination safely and on time. Read on to find out how.

1.Plan in advance

Shipping goods last minute on an express freight with tight deadlines will likely see you pay out far more than if you take a more timely approach.

By planning your shipping process in advance you can be sure to find the best deals and often take advantage of any discounts that may be on offer. Being organised allows you to find a suitable transportation method and allows for flexibility on shipment times and carrier, which can all help you to save costs.

During the planning process remember to take into consideration any international holidays. When shipping to China you will need to take into account Chinese New Year as this may affect shipping schedules and booking availability for as much as 3 weeks. Your freight forwarder will be able to advise you on scheduling through this period and help you to plan accordingly.

2.Choose the right transportation method

Some of the most costly mistakes can be selecting the wrong shipping method.  For first-time exporters, or those with little experience shipping internationally, it can be difficult to navigate through the options.

Deciding which method of transport to choose for your inter-continental shipment depends on the type of consignment and the required delivery time.  If you are shipping to China, there are two transportation methods available: air freight or sea freight.

Sea freight— Ocean freights are excellent for inter-continental delivery and are most commonly used for large or bulk goods that are not overly time-critical.

Air freight—Whilst the quickest and most convenient shipping method, air freight is typically the most expensive option. It is used for transporting small and light quantities, and emergency shipments.

3.Insure your shipment

As with all transportation efforts, there is a risk to your cargo when transporting overseas, therefore it is recommended you insure your shipment. Additionally, to avoid delay, ensure that your goods are properly packaged and clearly labelled.

If you are taking care of the logistics yourself then you will need to obtain your own cargo insurance. However, if you are working with a freight forwarder, they can suggest an insurance package that covers the cost of your goods.

4.Find the right freight forwarder

Working on behalf of importers and exporters, freight forwarders use their expertise to arrange the best, most efficient and cost effective means of transport for the shipping of goods. A good freight forwarder should have excellent connections with local Chinese logistics or transportation groups to improve costs and efficiency.

On top of that, international freight forwarders offer a wide range of worldwide services including trade facilitation and customs brokerage, as well as logistics and supply chain management to ensure your goods get to their intended destination on time and on budget.

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