Struggling with Amazon FBA deliveries?

Do you sell on Amazon using FBA? If so maybe you have discovered the process is not straightforward. Amazon works to strict SOP’s and operate a rigid booking-in system. In conjunction with our partners we now offer a simplified delivery service into FBA through strategic agreements with Amazon to eliminate much of the hassle and the risk. Why not let us make this

What is the process?

1. Provide FBA No, Amazon SKU and copy packing lists prior to unpack
2. We will arrange packing to FBA specification and arrange booking with Amazon
3. We will then provide delivery date and confirm POD

Benefits of this service?

1. We take the hassle away of arranging time slots with FBA
2. Remove risks of rejections from FBA
3. Eliminate risk of penalties from rejected deliveries

How much does it cost?

Documentation fee – GBP 40
Grade A Pallet Wrap – GBP 15 per pallet (To FBA Specification)
Timed delivery surcharge – GBP 45
Labelling – GBP 0.75p per label

Are there any terms and conditions?

Delivery will normally be within 72 hours after unpack (providing instruction has been received)
Cut off for delivery is 1200 hrs each day
Verbal confirmation of POD can usually be provided with 48 hours of delivery
Physical copy of POD can usually be provided within 7 days – Subject to Amazon providing document
Delivery s


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